Vocational Programs

LEPL – Community College “Spectri” carrying out the educational programs of all the cycles of vocational education. A person with basic education is entitled to enroll for the first cycle of vocational education program. The cycles of specific vocational education is defined by a vocational standard, which covers either one of, several or all the cycles of vocational education. The prerequisite for enrolment in each cycle of vocational education is successful completion of the educational program of a previous cycle or recognition of knowledge, skills and values, envisaged by the educational program of the previous cycle.

Currently, 24 vocational-educational programs are implemented in “Spectri”. Each vocational program is defined in compliance with corresponding vocational standard. The programs last for minimum 5 months and maximum 1,3 years.

The educational program is made according to the credit system of vocational education. The number of hours for learning and practice components are indicated in the program capacity; The percentage ratio of practice and learning components is in accordance with occupational standards.

The learning activity (workload) of vocational student

The learning activity (workload) of vocational education student includes:

  • Attendance at lecture/group work activities;
  • Theoretical learning;
  • Practical lessons;
  • Laboratorial work;
  • Independent learning;
  • Enterprise practice;
  • Passing the examinations (mid-term and concluding).

A vocational diploma is issued after the completion of each cycle of vocational education.

The advantages of Vocational Programs:

  • Acquire desired vocation with state financing;
  • Hands-On Experience;
  • Short Duration;
  • Promotion of the employment of individuals, amongst them, self-employment and entrepreneurship.