Business Cooperation

Involvement of Private Sector


One of the primary aims of the college is to increase the cooperation with the business sector in designing and implementing vocational education and training that will have mutual benefits and bring vocational education system closer to the labor market demands and support the development of local government and business sector.

Private Sector is actively involved in incorporating modern occupational standards into vocational qualifications. They have also worked together directly with “Spectri” to help shape vocational training courses that more closely match their needs.

Since 2007 foreign partners’ participation in vocational training, particularly U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) significantly improved infrastructure and material - technical base. The college has launched several new courses. Classrooms for these new courses have been equipped with the latest simulators from Caterpillar and modern welding devises of Lincoln Electric, unique tools that have no comparison in Georgia and were purchased with funding from the USAID Vocational Education project. Also, developed textbooks in vocations and construction sectors, strengthened the skills of vocational education teachers.

In 2012-2013 with active support of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH” (GIZ), “Caparol”, "Knauf" and "Heidelbergcement" college “Spectri” worked out joint vocational programs, standards and syllabuses. The assistance provided to implement trainings for vocational teachers to upgrade their qualifications, to introduce modern technologies, to renovate and equipt the laboratories and develope the textbooks for the vocational programs.

Also, in 2013-2014 within the scopes of cooperation with the company “Geoturan” was implemented the project “Euro-Master” The craftsman atelier was equipped with modern technologies, Students had practices and trainings in the following programs: Welder; Electrician; Air heating and ventilation system fitter ; Diagnosticianrepairer of electronic and digital appliances.

Currently, Community College ,, Spectri” actively cooperates with Georgian and foreign businessmen, development companies, producers and other sectors. Partners and potential employers of “Spectri” are: Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, ”Georgian Water and Power”, “National Environmental Agency”, GIZ, “Caparol”, "Knauf", "Heidelbergcement", “Geoturan”, "Elita Burji", “Axis” and etc.