Inclusive Education


Inclusive Vocational Education

Since 2013 Implementation of Inclusive Education in Vocational Education and Training represents one of the main priorities of the college “Spectri”. Vocational education of persons with special educational needs is carried out in the framework of the joint initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Education and Research of Norway. A special attention is made on the increase in access to the employment possibilities for the people with disabilities and special educational needs, development of their skills and competences. Inclusive vocational education encourages realization of capabilities of persons with special vocational needs, development of professional skills which lead to better possibilities for future employment.

There are created relevant conditions for persons with special education needs in the college, so they are able to try desired vocational educational programs. Also, inclusive education specialists employed at the college ensure effective inclusive vocational education process and providing adequate physical and learning/teaching environment for inclusive students.

Number of students with special educational needs enrolled on vocational programmes is 28 for the academic year 2013-2015. Currently, 7 students with special educational needs acquire desired vocation in college “Spectri” . One of the successful students with special educational needs is employed in “Spectri” as a Student Service Coordinator .